Be prepared: ChatGPT adds new Voice and Image Capabilities

Be prepared: ChatGPT adds new Voice and Image Capabilities


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I don’t know if we are ready for what is coming next, but we must be aware, OpenAI has just announced that ChatGpt has new image and voice capabilities.

Last week we saw Microsoft is adding new Artificial Intelligence capabilities to their products Office, and Windows, integrating to their functionality tools that will help and ease the work in their systems.

In this era of constant changes and evolutions in AI, OpenAI couldn’t fall behind. They have unveiled voice and image capabilities to marl a step forward and enabling more intuitive and immersive interaction with AI.

Today, OpenAI has new functions for ChatGPT: they are beginning to roll out new voice and image capabilities.

These enhancements give users the possibility to engage with conversations and share images with ChatGPT, opening a boatload of ways for enriching life experiences.

Voice: Conversations, as talking to a friend

For me, one of my personal favorites of these release is this conversation addition.

It’s a notable addon, now you can seamlessly engage in dynamic, back-and-forth conversation with the AI assistant. For example, you could be looking for a bedtime story, or debating, asking for information.

Imagine adding a dataset of your company personalizing your AI with your company information, in order to add the possibility to answer clients in a easy, attentive way.

This feature is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Image interaction: a revolution on image analysis

The introduction of image analysis will take AI assistance to a new level. Now users can share images with ChatGPT, to ask for visual input and intelligent assistance.

For example, you could ask on troubleshooting your grill ignition, or analyzing a graph, also you can take a photo of the food in your fridge asking for recipes.

To focus on specific areas within an imager, the mobile app will offer a drawing tool precision.

The image analysis is powered by GPT3.5 and GPT4 to add language reasoning skills to a vast array of visual content including photographs, screenshots and documents containing text and graphs.

OpenAi is deploying gradually

As the company stated on their News release, they are committed to the development of safe and beneficial AI, that’s why they will be a gradual rollout of voice and image capabilities, so they can make improvements and refine risk mitigations strategies while preparing users of the advent of even more potent AI systems in the future.

Their responsibility against risks

This new addition is bringing potential risks for malicious actors to impersonate public figures or commit fraud. To mitigate these risks, OpenAI is channeling this technology into specific uses as voice chat, and specific partners as Spotify to ensure responsible and secure usage.

Vision models present distinct challenges, including the possibility of generation hallucinatory content and relying on the model’s interpretations in high-stakes domains.

Prior to deployment, testing was conducted evaluation risks

Initially, voice and image capabilities will be available to Plus and Enterprise users in the next two weeks. But they will also be deploying to developers after.

Let’s take these new features as a challenge to find applications on real life that will lever humanity to new frontiers.

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